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Welcome to our new site! All pricing is listed in Canadian Dollars
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Iron-on Instructions for Embroidered Patches

I love embroidered patches! From early on, growing up in northern Minnesota I joined the girl scouts. Patches weren't just fabric, they were a right of passage, a mark of accomplishment and a source of pride. Now, I have the pleasure to design and create my own patches right here in Ontario. I hope you take the time to browse the site and see for yourself as my business grows and more designs are added. 

Here's the best method I've found to attach the iron-on versions: 

Heat seal your patch to poly/cotton fabrics. Do not apply to rainwear, elastic, rayon, nylon, or leather. In these cases, please take the time glue or sew (or, glue and sew) your patch instead so as not to damage the fabric or destroy the patch. 

1. Set your hand iron at its hottest setting. Do not use steam. 

2. Place your patch in the desired position and place a cloth (handkerchief, kitchen towel or pillowcase) over the top of it. 

3. Iron with pressure, 3-4 times. Do not move the patch from the surface during this process. 

4. Turn the garment inside-out and repeat steps 2-3. 

5. Allow the patch to cool completely. Once applied, it is permanently attached and is washable about 20-25 times. 


While iron-on is generally reliable, I highly suggest taking the time to also secure your patch with some stitches when you get the time. This will yield you the best results.